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Reborn STRADA Pony

This is the STRADA Pony! It was build on an old road frame called like this. When we found it three years ago it was abandoned in a garage. As you can see the Pony is now reborn. To paint the frame we used all the colors that remained from other projects :), it was a lot of fun to do it like this. When we found those nice Michelin World Tour 35c tires we new they are just what we need for the Pony. To match with that nice classy yellow side band of the tires we made special custom leather grips. That new old stock Brooks saddle came into our workshop just in time to meet the Pony. A... and we almost forgot to present you the first cup holder prototype painted in the national flag colours. A single speed bicycle, just perfect for cruising the city and enjoying a drink. Foto : Dorin Bonta /

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